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As a young single adult who is fairly new to the dating world, I must say a global pandemic can really put a damper on trying to find a Valentine. WalletHub says the pandemic isn’t the only thing influencing the dating scene right now…so is your location!┬áThe company did a recent report on the Top 10 Worst States For Singles.

Their analysis looked at the number of singles in each state, the variety/number of restaurants, and online dating opportunities among other factors. They also looked at the number of movie theaters and the crime rate of the states. And one Carolina made the list…South Carolina at #10!

North Carolina actually ranked #19 for Top BEST States for singles! So go us!! I have been realizing just how many young single people are currently in and moving to North Carolina.┬áDon’t you think?

Check out the whole top 10:

Source: WalletHub

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  • 10. South Carolina

    South Carolina Charleston

  • 9. Idaho

    Boise, Idaho

    Colorful ballons in a blue sky over the little city of Boise Idaho

  • 8. Alaska

    Denali National Park


  • 7. Alabama

    Birmingham, Alabama

  • 6. Kentucky

    Louisville, Kentucky

  • 5. Mississippi


  • 4. Wyoming

    Grand Teton National Park


  • 3. North Dakota

    North Dakota

  • 2. Arkansas


  • 1. West Virginia

    West Virginia