The NBA finals are here and we are watching to see who will become the 2022 NBA Finals Champions. While we are in the midst of the NBA season coming to an end, we look back on some of our favorite moments and players. The NBA holds hundreds of players from all walks of life and from different areas. That includes, right here in North Carolina.

Ranker NBA gathered a list of the best NBA players of the last 30 years from North Carolina. North Carolina does not just produce amazing people, but some pretty good athletes too. Some were born here, others were raised here, but regardless North Carolina is a part of who they are. Find out which of your favorite (or not so favorite) NBA players were raised in the best state there is. I am sure some you may have known and then there are others that might surprise you! Check out Ranker NBA’s list of some of the greatest NBA players from North Carolina. See any familiar faces?