After the Netflix Original show “Bridgerton” became an instant must-watch among streamers, it soon became renewed for a second season. Although the Duke of Hastings, aka Simon, was a big reason we all binged the entire season one as soon as we started it, Regé Jene Page is not featured at all in this second season.

Even in his absence, “Bridgerton” does succeed in bringing love, lust, chaos, gossip, and tragedy to the story of this new season. I promise no spoilers, but I did want to give you a vague review of the new season if you haven’t seen it yet. So the way I will do this is in the themes of the season. I discuss three of the biggest themes below. *Review does contain one spoiler from Season 1*

By the way, as I write this, I imagine Julie Andrews also narrating as she does perfectly in the series as Lady Whistledown. Imagine as such if you please…

Happy streaming! Watch the trailer for “Bridgerton” Season 2 here.

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  • Lust, Love, or Just a Role?

    Quite like the first season, some obligations seem to come before finding love for the characters in the spotlight this season. Although, as we learned last time, love conquers all, be assured it does this season as well. Some characters are forced to shift how they see love and relationships, but you come to see why they view them the way they do. This season gives you a new respect for these characters, and allows you to really see their hearts.

  • The Freedom of Anonymity

    One main theme of all of Bridgerton is the dichotomy between constantly being under the spotlight, as for some characters like Daphne, and cherishing the power of being unknown or anonymous, as Penelope is as Lady Whistledown. The author’s identity was revealed last season so hopefully you already know that much. This season, Penelope will struggle with using the power she has as an influential author. And with power comes enemies, as the Queen searches even harder to reveal her identity this season. Yikes!

  • Taking Charge Of Your Life

    Multiple characters struggle with making decisions for themselves this season. While some are constantly being fed what to do by others, others see no choice but to base their decisions on their duty to the family.

    Eventually, all of them, while making some mistakes along the way, come to better themselves by taking charge of their own decisions, and their own lives. While frustrating to watch some of the mistakes they make, it is refreshing and rewarding to see at the end, the way they have grown from the circumstances.

  • Overall

    Obviously, the season came out on Friday and I’m writing this review on Monday because I did binge it throughout my weekend….and I have absolutely no regrets. I would do the same thing again, and I suggest you do as well, dear Reader. While the middle of this season becomes a bit chaotic and frustrating to watch, it is still enchanting and it is definitely worth coming to the end. While some ends are left loose, leading to another season, the ending will leave you feeling like you’ve been swept off your feet watching another beautiful romance bloom.

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