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Naked gardening? Who knew! There are a lot of people who find gardening a relaxing way to spend their afternoons outside. And apparently, there are some people who like to do it without any clothes on. Haha

Believe it or not, May 7th is World Naked Gardening Day.
In honor of the upcoming occasion, Lawnstarter has come out with their picks for 2022’s Best Cities to tend to your garden nude!

They looked at 100 cities based on factors like nudist population size, the legality of public nudity and toplessness, and gardener-friendliness, in addition to weather conditions and safety.
Topping the list is Austin, Texas, which earned a score of 67.80, and is number one for Nude Gardener-Friendliness.

Source: Lawnstarter

Fox46 says a Charlotte man got scammed by a stranger recently at a bar. Rob Gilliam says it started when a man came up to him and asked him to borrow his phone so he could call his sister. This was around 10:30 pm last Friday night.

He said the man called an Atlanta-based number, but then said he couldn’t hear very well so he needed to text his sister instead. While Gilliam thought this man was texting, the man was really Venmoing himself $4,500. Gilliam told Fox46, “It wasn’t until Sunday that I realized he had venomed himself $4,430.”

Surveillance video at the bar shows the same man going up to three different groups of people within 10 minutes after stealing money from Gilliam. He asked one lady to use her phone, but she did not have a Venmo account so she was not scammed.


  • Austin, TX


  • Orlando, FL

    Orlando fl

  • Atlanta, GA

    Atlanta, GA

  • Baton Rouge, LA

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Tampa, FL


  • Miami, FL

    Miami FL

  • Philadelphia, PA


  • Raleigh, NC

     Raleigh, NC

  • Seattle, WA


  • Durham, NC


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