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Holiday parties are in full swing! As a host/hostess with the mostess, you don’t want to appear rude or lame by calling it a night. Ideally, guests will notice when it’s time to leave on their own, but these instincts don’t always kick in.

Especially if your party is way too fun! Guests might also not want to be the first to leave on account of it making them look rude. Whatever the reason may be, you need these people out of your house ASAP.

So, how do you let your guests politely know that the party is over and it’s time to go home? Twitter users and etiquette experts alike shared their tips and tricks on the topic to The Huffington Post:


  • Start cleaning up

    People will get the hint then… or at least start helping you clean which is also nice.

  • Make a wardrobe change

    There might not be a better way to say you’re ready for bed than walking out all of a sudden in your PJs!

  • Use your kids

    Take advantage of having parental responsibilities and blame it on your kids.

  • Suggest an end of the night group pic

    Then right after say, “oh what a great picture. Thanks everyone. Goodbye and goodnight!

  • Be transparent

    It’s as easy as saying, “Tonight has been so much fun, thank you all for coming but I’m getting sleepy so I’m going to call it a night.”

  • Please leave sign

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