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The final signs at the Charlotte Epicenter were pulled down this week. The Piano Bar, “Howl at the Moon” and an upscale club called “Suite” were the last remnants of the once busy city party center!

From the bowling ally and movie theater to Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Whisky River it was the place to be. We even had a radio studio there next to Black Finn! So many great drunk nights sleeping on the couch in there haha! A great diner called “Red Eye,” where we had an Alessia Cara meet and greet. Libretto’s pizza was great for pre or post-Hornets games.  Alive After Five was a great weekly party every Summer! We brought Calvin Harris to perform!

I had so many great memories there. Roy, LauRen and myself celebrated so many occasions at Enso. The best sushi place in town, until they closed a few years ago.

I remember when the Epicenter became a national news center during the DNC in 2012. I saw the CNN Bar and Grill, and the Fox News restaurant. The NBA Allstar Game had so many cool parties at the Epicenter.

Honestly, when Enso closed I felt like the Charlotte Epicenter was in trouble… That was kinda the trendy anchor.

Here’s some pics of cool moments there over the years…

  • Man Slides Onto Car

  • Calvin Harris Concert

  • Alive After Five

  • NBA All Star Game

  • Panthers Super Bowl Rally

  • Bieber Guitar Giveaway

  • The time CNN built a bar and grill during the DNC

  • New Years Eve Enso

  • Dinner at Enso