SANTA ROSA, CA - FEBRUARY 07: A Russian River Brewing Company customer takes a sip of the newly released Pliny the Younger triple IPA beer on February 7, 2014 in Santa Rosa, California. Hundreds of people lined up hours before the opening of Russian River Brewing Co. to taste the 10th annual release of the wildly popular Pliny the Younger triple IPA beer that will only be available on tap from February 7th through February 20th. Craft beer aficionados rank Pliny the Younger as one of the top beers in the world. The craft beer sector of the beverage industry has grown from being a niche market into a fast growing 12 billion dollar business, as global breweries continue to purchase smaller regional craft breweries such this week's purchase of New York's Blue Point Brewing by AB Inbev. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Anyone else doing dry January? Many people take the first month of the year to restrain from drinking alcohol, and I am one of them this year.

I did a dry month in July of last year, and it was pretty difficult for me (I won’t lie). This time around though, I’m finding it a bit easier to not drink alcohol, and I think that’s because I’ve already discovered so many other drink options.

One of the hardest things while being out, is just the sensation of wanting to drink something, but water doesn’t always do the trick. If you’re also on a health kick for January, soda won’t do the trick for you either this month.

Here are some of my favorite alcohol alternative drinks, and mocktails that are helping me get through dry January.



  • Liquid Death

    I thought these were just plain water (which they do have), but they also have many seltzer flavors that taste just like white claw in my opinion.

  • Non-Alcoholic Beers

    You would be amazed how good non-alcoholic beers taste these days. Not to mention, there are tons of them. My personal favorites are NA Stella Stella Artois, and NA Heineken. If you like IPA’s, try Athletic Brewery! I’ve also notices a lot of bars and breweries now offer their own non-alcoholic beers so you can still meet friends out.

  • Non-Alcoholic Wines

    My personal opinion, the non-alcoholic wines are not quite as good as the beer, but they still are okay. Most of them taste a little more like fruit than wine to me, but if you are having a charcuterie night, the non-alcoholic wines are a great way to still feel like you’re having the full experience without actually drinking alcohol.

  • Soda Water with Lime

    This one is for when you’re out somewhere without any non-alcoholic options. Soda water with lime makes it look like you’re drinking a cocktail, when you’re really not. That may seem stupid, but one thing I noticed from doing a dry month before, id your friends sometimes make a bigger deal out of it than you do, so if they don’t assume you’re not drinking, sometimes it’s just a bit easier.

  • CleanCo

    CleanCo is a company that makes non-alcoholic spirits. I have not tried any of these yet to give an honest review, but if you are a mixed drink lover, this will at least cure that craving for you.

  • Mixers like Betty Buzz

    If you have some premade mixers sitting around, they don’t have to go to waste this January. You can mix mixers with seltzer, or even non-alcoholic spirits for a nice mocktail.

  • Mocktails

    Maybe the most popular alternative to drinking, are mocktails. Many restaurants offer mocktails on their menu now, so they are pretty easy to order at a bar.

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