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While a camping vacation may sound fun, there are a lot of things that can ruin an adventure in the outdoors, and if you don’t plan accordingly your camping trip may turn into a nightmare. Expert campers share their best and most useful camping tips.

Well folks with expertise on camping are now sharing some tips you may not know you needed. It all started when someone posed the question to Reddit, “Campers of reddit, what are some tips for someone who doesn’t camp very often?” and plenty of experts were more than happy to help.

Camping tips include:

  • Tarps


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    They are so important for rainy camping. They are light, cheap and can protect anything from rain. Cover your tent, your gear, or turn them into a roof over your place to sit/eat.

  • Bring lots of tin foil

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  • Tortillas

    Tortillas stay fresh significantly longer than bread, they’re easier to pack, and are far more versatile. In a pinch, a tortilla with peanut butter and honey is a great meal.

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  • Bug Spray

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    Go to a proper outdoor supply store, and buy the absolute best bug spray you can find

  • Bring Waterproof Everything

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    Seal everything in watertight bags, even if your backpack is waterproof. Get separate dry bags for clothes that can be fully sealed