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Halloween has always been one of my absolute favorite holidays! I grew up in a family where we started talking about and planning our costumes months in advance.

I feel pretty happy with how the majority of my Halloween costumes have turned out throughout the years, but some are definitely better than others. I mean really, we all have those costumes we look back on and think, should I have worn that?

I figured with Halloween coming up soon, it would be a perfect time to look back, and judge my Halloween costumes from years past. So, without further ado enjoy the judging of my past Halloween costumes.

  • Kim Possible - 7/10


    This outfit was SUPER easy to put together, and even though a lot of people thought I was Laura Kroft, the people that did understand who I was, loved it!

  • Mermaid

    cameron halloween

    I’m pretty sure the only reason I wanted to be a mermaid was because my sister was also doing it, but I was clearly feeling myself…

  • Mermaid - 6/10

    halloween candy

    Clearly, this outfit was a big hit around the neighborhood though; look at all that candy! I ended my night on a clear sugar high so I’m giving this outfit a 6/10.

  • Jessica Rabbit 8/10

    jessica rabbit


    I’m going to give bonus points because I ended up finding this dress at a Goodwill, but I will then subtract points because I then had to cut it off me at the end of the night.

  • Hot Donna - 5/10

    hot donna

    Everyone has told me my whole life that I’m like Hot Donna from “That 70’s Show,” and this Halloween, my friend and I dressed up as Hot Donna and Fez.

  • Barbie - 8/10



    This outfit was so fun to put together because I own nothing pink, and so I got to go crazy buying pink clothes for this look. The only reason it is not a 10 is because there were about 5 other Barbie’s at Gravedigger’s Ball this year too.

  • Skull - 5/10


    skull makeup

    This was Halloween during COVID so I didn’t actually have an outfit, but still wanted to dress up… A skull was perfect for a low-key Halloween look.

  • Pop Art Girl - 9/10

    Pop Art

    People were complimenting me all night about this look, but it did take FOREVER to do this makeup… And it got everywhere.

  • I Love Lucy - 100000/10


    I was OBSESSED with I Love Lucy growing up (who am I kidding, I still am!) but in 4th grade, I dressed up as Lucille Ball. NOBODY in my class had any idea who I was, but that only made it cooler looking back!