Do you have a dog? If so, these are important tips to know for this winter. When temperatures drop, it’s important to adjust your pet’s daily routine. This makes everyone happy! However, unfortunate things can happen.

There is no telling when your dog may get into trouble, so it’s wise to always be prepared. The winter months call for more attention and preparation for all of us. has revealed their top tips and products to help you take care of your pooch in the recent cold weather and dark nights. Check out these 6 ways to better care for your dog this winter.

  • 1. Wear Reflective Clothing

    During the darker Winter days, accidents are more likely to occur, especially when walking on roads or in rural areas. Ensure that your clothing has reflective points or that you are wearing a reflective vest. Reflective jackets for dogs are also highly recommended for darker nights.

  • 2. Know When Not to Walk

    There are times when it’s simply safer to stay at home and play with your dog inside. Even with precautions, it can be unwise to try to navigate new areas, especially if it’s dark and weather conditions suddenly take a turn for the worse. Always check the weather, have a plan, and keep GPS on. You can download apps like What3Words so you can always know your location, even with no internet reception.

  • 3. Moisturise

    Look for signs of grazing on your dog’s pads. As dogs go for walks, they can wear out their pads quickly, especially if they are particularly active. Your pet may experience discomfort and pain. Consider dog balm. This can be used as a comforting solution to help moisturize your dog’s paws and nose during the winter months.

  • 4. Keep An Eye Out For Cues

    Pay attention to your dog’s individual cues while on a walk. While walking your dog in any weather is better than not at all, if your dog is shivering, holding up or licking its paws, or whining it is clear your dog is getting uncomfortable and it is best to stop the walk here.

  • 5. First Aid

    Be prepared at all times. Dogs need a lot of exercise, especially now that winter’s here. During the colder months, however, your dog may be prone to injury. Dog owners who are new to dog ownership may feel more cautious and careful with their new pet, so having a First Aid kit on hand is perfect to ease those worries!

  • 6. Put Protective Clothes On Your Pup

    Dogs need some clothes too. Your dog can get cold just like you so it can be useful to invest in a coat/jumper for your dog. In any case, if the garment gets wet make sure to remove it, as wet clothing in the cold will only make your dog more uncomfortable.


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