Growing up Milkshakes were my favorite! I could rank just about every place in Charlotte by the quality of their milkshake. As I got older I drifted away from them being my go-to beverage and dessert. But with today being National Chocolate Milkshake Day, I figured it was a good time to visit this frosty treat. There are many many places you can get milkshakes in Charlotte. Everyone knows to go to chains whether fast food or ice cream and their milkshake offerings. I will forever be a fan of Cookout milkshakes for one! But there are some more localized spots you may or may not have tried.  And those places are what this list is about!

We will visit six places around Charlotte, many with multiple locations, to discover some new shakes to try out. From local ice cream spots, burger bars with boozy options, or your classic 1950s milkshake. You can’t go wrong with the basic chocolate or vanilla but the fancier flavors can be delicious as well. I have to say making this list made me crave a good shake. I guess my only decision now is which of these places to visit after work. Or maybe I can sneak away and no one would notice? What’s your favorite place to get milkshakes in Charlotte? If I missed any let us know on social media!