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Potential freshness warning signs to look for in a Christmas tree is how vibrant the green needles are and how easy it is for the needles to be plucked from the tree.

Real Christmas trees or fake ones? It’s the age old debate. I am personally a real Christmas tree person, but I do understand why fake Christmas tree people choose that side too; real Christmas trees are a lot of work.

It never fails that my tree dies, and usually before Christmas day even hits. So how do we keep the trees fresher?

If you’re trying to keep your Christmas tree alive through Christmas, here are some tips to keep the tree fresher, longer, according to



  • Recut The Trunk When You Get Home

    Dried sap can block the trunk from absorbing water, so it’s best to recut your stump of your tree once you’re ready to put it in water.



  • Keep Your Tree Away From The Heat

    It might seem like a no-brainer, but heat will make your tree dry out fast, so try to keep it away from hotter areas.

  • Use Lights With Smaller Bulbs

    Using smaller lights will create less heat. Remember, heat is bad for Christmas trees so smaller lights will help the tree live longer.


  • Follow The Stand-To-Water Ratio

    Did you know there is a perfect amount of water for your tree? One quart of water per inch of stem diameter is the golden rule.


    Christmas tree safety tips

  • Don't Use Treated Water

    There’s no proof that using sugar, vinegar, aspirin or any other additives in the water help keep the tree alive so just stick to plain water!