What a Woman Wants, What a Man Needs!

Match.com just released the list of what women want in a man and what men want too ladies! Check it out for yourself to see if you make the cut!

For the most part these all make sense of the typical standards of society, but here's what Match.com is saying men and women are looking for in a significant other!

Women want:

  1. Doctor
  2. Speaks French
  3. Swimmer
  4. Blue eyes
  5. Loves dogs
  6. Short brown hair
  7. Dad bod

Men want:

  1. Blue eyes
  2. Blonde hair
  3. Speaks Spanish
  4. Strategically placed tattoos
  5. Free lancer
  6. Goes hiking

Our listener friends called in to tell us what they look for in a man and woman. Check out what they had to say below! & tell us what you think @theMRLshow!