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Why Do Men Cheat? Download

Download June 22nd, 2017

It’s one of the most debated questions out there — if a man truly loves someone, why would he risk destroying the relationship by cheating?

According to an article that LauRen found, three of the biggest reasons why men cheat are as follows: they weren’t getting enough intimacy with their partner, they felt an emotional attachment to the one they were cheating with, and the other person was simply “too attractive to refuse”. Ugh, we can’t even. We reached out to our listener friends to hear of the reasons why they had been cheated on, with our first caller mentioning that her girlfriend had cheated on her then left her because she couldn’t handle a long-term commitment. Our second caller then provided us with an anecdote of how her husband got “caught up in the moment” when he was cheating. With all of these sad stories, we had a bright spot when our second caller’s rooster chimed in to the conversation! Check out the full podcast to see exactly what we mean!

If you’ve been cheated on, what was the reason why? Let us know @TheMRLshow

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