War Of The Roses: No Habla Englis

It happens every now and again.. we catch a cheater and they have no idea how to respond. This War of The Roses is the definition of someone not knowing what to do when they are caught cheating. Aubrey is a listener and has concerns about her boyfriend of one year, Ethan. LauRen sells him on the roses.. and this time Ethan is super excited about it unlike some of the other guys who are skeptical. According to Ethan it's his girlfriend Vanessa's birthday and these roses are exactly what he needs since he has already spent so much money on her. Here lies the problem.. Vanessa is not Aubrey so another one bites the dust! When we catch him though is when things get interesting.. Ethan, who spoke to LauRen for nearly two minutes in English claims he all of a sudden can't speak English. You've got to listen for yourself.


Also keep listening afterwards because we take phone calls from listeners with their reactions.. it's gold.