War Of The Roses: Elana Gets Busted

Today's War was a bit heavy, which is why we've been sitting on it for about a week but today we decided to air it. One of our listener friends, Elana, reached out to us about her longtime boyfriend who seemed to have a huge cheating problem. When we called her to set up the segment, she was actually in her boyfriend's house snooping for answers. Elana was on his Facebook reading messages to us that he was sending to other women. That's when all of a sudden the line went out. Before the line went out, Elana acted scared which made us scared for her. You can't tell this from the audio but as we explain, about fifteen minutes pass before we are actually able to get back in touch with Elana. When we got her back on the line, her safety was fine, but our hearts broke for the truth that she found out.