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Things That People From Each State Hate Download

Download July 25th, 2017

People from North Carolina apparently hate DUI Checkpoints — what do people from your state hate?

The creators of a trending app, Hater, which matches people based on their dislikes, decided to analyze their data to determine the most hated things in every state! While some could be understandable to most, others are just plain wacky! We took a look at the list and chose some of our favorites:

  • Arkansas – cleaning
  • Florida – workout couples
  • Nebraska – friendly reminder emails
  • California – fidget spinners
  • New York – Times Square
  • Montana – going to the gym

Then, we reached out to our listener friends to hear some of the things that they hate! Our first caller told us that she totally hates people who don’t use their turn signals. Our next caller revealed to us that his most hated thing is that dude who goes throughout the gym screaming and slamming weights — is he from Montana? We heard from one final caller, who told us of how he hates how people run in the middle of the street in his neighborhood despite sidewalks clearly being available. It’s safe to say that everyone has their pet peeves!

Want to read more about what each state hates? Check out the original article right here!

What little thing or fad do you hate the most in life? Give us your take @TheMRLshow

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