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Why Did You Not Go On A Second Date? Download

Download June 29th, 2017

While most people say the first date is the most important one, the follow up is just as crucial! But what made you decide to call it right there?

We ended up reaching out to some of our listener friends to see if they would have any interesting stories as to why they did not end up going on a second date with a potential partner, only to start out with a gem of a tale. Our first caller provided us with some pure nightmare fuel, claiming that her date pulled over in an abandoned parking lot and stuffed her in the trunk! Somehow, she was able to stay completely calm and even try to hold a conversation with the guy while not knowing if she was being kidnapped or not. Our next caller, on a date with a man that she met on Tinder, told us of how her date simply would not stop talking about his profession as a firefighter. While that’s nothing in comparison to the first story we heard, we can imagine how that might be annoying if someone basically makes their life about their career! Needless to say, neither of these men received second dates.

Have you ever had a first date that completely destroyed any hopes of a second one? Tell us what happened @TheMRLshow

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