GOOP! Vagina Scented Candle Explodes in Woman’s Living Room Download

12:25 Download January 20th, 2021

A mother who ate mini fireworks after mistaking them for popping candy has been left with harrowing injuries… Man found living in the Chicago airport for three months said he was scared to go home because of COVID… Woman accused of stealing cigarettes and Mentos from a gas station tried to flee in an ambulance but couldn’t drive it… A vagina scented candle from Gwyneth Paltrow exploded in a UK woman’s living room… Report of an individual renting a car, leaving drugs in the car, then returning to get the drugs, resulted in an arrest. Italian soccer player took a look at his Ferrari and decided it needed to be washed, an attendant at the car wash lost control of the car and destroyed it… Badger infestation wreaking havoc at a cemetery in England, which spurs fears of bodies being unearthed…

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