Have You Ever Lied To Get Free Stuff?

Let's be real: lying is never the right thing to do. But would you tell a white lie to score some free stuff?

After hearing that LauRen was telling everyone in Maui that she was on vacation for an anniversary and ended up receiving a lot of free things, we were curious as to whether our listener friends had pulled similar shenanigans! We heard about how our first caller routinely stays at hotels with her husband and then complains to the manager about all of the "issues" regarding her stay, which typically results in a complimentary stay. Then, our second caller chimed in by saying that she lied about how many weeks pregnant she was in order to board a cruise ship after having been previously barred access. Our last listener claimed that apparently you can call a TV manufacturing company, complain about the products, and you will magically receive a brand new TV on your doorstep as a complimentary gesture! Who knew it was that easy? That being said, always remember that the truth will set you free — lying is bad!

Have you ever lied to receive a free service or good? Share your stories with us @TheMRLshow