#965 Squirrels Found Splooting All Over Texas Download

14:48 Download August 26th, 2020

Deputies in Florida say an attorney led them on a high speed chase and dropped names of celebrities after being arrested while suggesting they get pizza… Fight over political signs led to one neighbor punching another neighbor in the face… The Los Angeles mayor has authorized the disconnecting of a utility service at one rental property of a Tik Tok star after a large gathering occurred… Cars parked at a shopping mall in China fell into a sink hole… Residents in Sioux Falls mourn the loss of a street side corn kernel… 3 year old ordered 9 boxes of fries using his fathers phone… Investigation is underway after small plane was stolen and crashed in Washington state… The University of Fine Arts is offering an idleness grant to applicants committed to doing nothing… 6 foot rattle snake caught climbing tree and a second snake was later caught climbing another tree… Squirrels have been splooting all over Texas to cool down… South Carolina deputies are searching for a crook who came to an orchard and drove off with thousands of peaches…

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