8/11/17 The Maney, Roy and LauRen Show #598

It's that day that we've all been looking forward to this week... FRIDAY, or FriYAY as we like to call it!  On today's show we were short one member as LauRen is vacationing in Florida and of course we decided too take advantage of this.  So we decided go to her house and give away one of her fabulous items (Yeti Cup) for one of our callers.  Hopefully she really didn't want that... We also played Know It Or Blow It with our sales reps testing their knowledge of the MRL Show, announced that Macklemore will be at our Grave Digger's Ball, and of course the Friday Free for All!

Today's show filled with lots of laughs and entertainment is surely one you don't want to miss and can listen to below!