#1050 Woman Received Thousands of Amazon Boxes By Mistake, Can’t Return Any Download

15:10 Download June 30th, 2021

Three people are dead and two missing when five people tubing went over the edge of a dam… A black bear was spotted breaking into cars in New Hampshire… A Daredevil died while practicing for a motorcycle jump… Woman died after she fell 200 feet while on a sunrise hike with her husband… Aquarium honored an admission ticket over 25 years old… Benjamin Glenn failed to wear a mask on the way home from work in Singapore and has now been arrested… Murder suspect accused of shooting his girlfriend, axing his daughter, and lighting his son on fire, is his own lawyer in court… Brown bear was shot dead in Northern Japan after going through a residential area and harming people… Woman received thousands of boxes full of face mask frames which she has not ordered and cannot return…

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