10 Players In Super Bowl LVII With North Carolina Connections

When it comes to teh Super Bowl you have to pick a team to cheer for. Even if (more often than not for Panthers fans) your team isn't in it. It's essentially a rule of being an American. That decision can be based on any number of things. I have often found myself cheering against teams because of a player I don't like or simply disliking the team. Sometimes if I truly have no reason to cheer for or against either team I've even chosen one if I had been to the city they are from. Sometimes there are just players who are likable for whatever reason. But a BIG reason for me is if they have a local tie. Essentially as a graduate of NC State if there is a player on either team from there. So which players in Super Bowl LVII have any time to the state of North Carolina? The matchup, which will be played Sunday, February 11th will feature the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Admittedly I'm pulling for the Chiefs for two reasons. One is a player I'll introduce you to in a few minutes- an NC State alumni. And of course for the Taylor Swift angle as well. I was certainly well versed in football and the Chiefs long before Taylor and Travis started dating, but when two of my favorite things in the world collide- well I couldn't be more on board with it. Players In Super Bowl LVII With North Carolina Connections There are 9 players and one coach on the rosters of both teams for Super Bowl LVII with connections to the state of North Carolina. This includes former Panthers, as well as players who went to high school and college in the state. So if you aren't sure who to pull for in the big game, perhaps this will help you make up your mind!