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An ex-McDonald’s employee is sharing insider info about when you may not want to go. Mike Haracz the ex  McDonald’s Chef revealed the worst time of day to go to McDonald’s on TikTok.  He claims he knows the worst time to go to Mickey D’s.

“Why is 10:30 the worst time to go to McDonald’s? I’m a former McDonald’s corporate chef, and here is your answer,” he says to start the video. Haracz then goes on to explain that since all-day breakfast “isn’t really a thing anymore,” that’s the time of day when the restaurants are usually switching over from breakfast to lunch menus, so it’s a tough time to get a McMuffin or a Big Mac.

The ex-staffer explains the kitchen equipment is all the same and it takes time to remove all the breakfast items and add the lunch items. In addition to that, Haracz says the crew is sometimes also changing shifts at that time, and that takes time as well. “So all of these moving parts are happening while it’s also getting busier at the restaurant, while also switching an entire menu … and it causes a lot of issues within the restaurants,” he says in the clip. “That is why 10:30 is the worst because it is a cluster in the restaurants transitioning from breakfast to lunch.”

  • While he’s the expert, several people in the comments section disagree.
  • “The worst time? I call that magic time because you can get a mix of breakfast and lunch items,” one TikToker shares.
  • Another comments, “I find just after 10:30 a.m. to be the best time to get lunch because all the lunch items are the freshest at that point.”

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