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Are you looking for something strange? Well, of course, every state has plenty of strange things that they offer. From strange restaurants, strange buildings, and strange houses. Now, strange is a rough word but it is true that many think certain types of buildings are pretty strange. Can’t really argue with the masses, right?

Well, Reader’s Digest says that each state has a pretty strange house. Strange, quirky, weird, there are so many options that you can use to describe. But, ever wondered what the strangest houses in the Carolinas are? North and South Carolina are home to many unique buildings, but it is intriguing to see which one they are picking to make this list. Here in North Carolina, the strangest home that we have is Mary’s Gone Wild. Mary Paulsen takes what people get rid of and makes it art. Her village is to help feed children and give back to the community and create the beautiful glasswork that you can see. In South Carolina, the strangest building is The Eye of the Storm. Which seems like a pretty unique and cool building to me. The home is on Sullivan’s Island and has four different levels. The home weighs over 600 tons and is built to handle hurricanes.

These two homes are quite unique to me and I have never heard of either of them. Now, I think I may want to plan a visit to visit one of these unique homes. Check out the full list here and see what strange homes are in each state. How strange are these homes, you think?