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Pair of wine glasses on the beach.

When I think of a nice dinner, I think of dressing up a little extra and taking my wife to a restaurant that we don’t frequent.  It’s a night when we drink top-shelf beverages and get meals that should come with a pronunciation guide.  It’s a night when we treat ourselves.  These kinds of nights are special, romantic, and healthy for a relationship.  Now imagine doing it in space!  As in, out of Earth’s atmosphere.  For a cool $132,000 per person, you could experience what it’s like to have dinner in space!  Yep, our planet and the stars setting the scene while you’re cutting through your pork shoulder or gracefully eating your gazpacho.  A French company is using balloons to send people 15 miles up.  Dinner and drinks are part of this three-hour journey, and they’d have to be.  Especially the drinks.  Now you can sip wine in space as early as 2025!  I’ll sip mine on the ground.  Read more here!

SOURCE | Thrillist