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BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 28: Christine, Polina, Iwan and Mila (L-R) schoolchildren who recently fled war-torn Ukraine attend Ukrainian primary school education at the "Classroom for Ukraine" project on April 28, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. The initiative, started by the Arche charity and Boston Consulting Group, provides continued education opportunities for Ukrainian children with Ukrainian teachers. Germany has registered over 370,000 refugees from Ukraine since the start of the Russian military invasion in February. Many Ukrainian children are also attending regular German primary schools.

A kindergarten teacher who’s also a mom is calling out three things she sees parents do every day, but she’d never do with her own kids. According to the NY Post Kristen has taken to TikTok with a video venting about her top three no-nos for parents.

My son Cashton is in Kindergarten this year. Let’s see how many of these rules I have broken…

  • Number one on her list is sending a child to school with lace-up shoes if they can’t tie them. And she has a valid reason, since teachers end up tying the shoes. “There’s nothing worse than bending down to tie a child’s shoes and the laces are wet,” Kristen shares. “And guess where they’ve been – the bathroom.” That’s why she says her son is “team Velcro until he can tie shoes.”
  • Fruit cups in little containers with a plastic film lid are her next target. According to Kristen, teachers everywhere know these aren’t just hard to open, they “spill juice everywhere.” They’re nearly impossible for little hands to pull open and even teachers spill the juice when they do it for students. “Whoever invented this lid deserves jail time,” she says.
  • The third complaint is more serious, as Kristen warns moms and dads to really think about believing everything their kids say happened at school. She explains she wouldn’t automatically believe her kid’s version of events, especially if they seem out of character for the teacher, school and admin. The teacher shares a story about one of her students telling their mom that she took the entire class on an “unauthorized field trip to the park” in her personal car. The parent started off “enraged” until Kristen explained they had only gone to a different playground on the school’s campus, and at that point the parent was apologetic.

Source: NY Post

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