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Woman washes her hair with shampoo in bathroom. Woman washing her hair with a lot of foam inside a shower. Back view of young woman washing her hair.

The “Everything Shower” is a new trend.  It’s basically a really long shower that lasts for an hour or even a little more.  The purpose of it is for you to give yourself a full spa treatment right in your own shower.  The people that are taking part in the self-pampering are showing off their own unique routines on social media.  Some even add candles to their spa routine.  I feel like a weekly hour-long shower would start showing up in the water bill, but nonetheless, we all love being pampered.  Even if we have to do it ourselves.  The everything shower is a new trend and fans of it say it’s good for both your physical and mental health.  Check out one of the routines from a fan below!


I highly recommend you do this for this everything shower routine for this new week, month, and year💫 #everythingshower #shaveroutine #smellgood #showerroutine #aftershower

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SOURCE| Healthline