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LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 24: The "Tinder" app logo is seen amongst other dating apps on a mobile phone screen on November 24, 2016 in London, England. Following a number of deaths linked to the use of anonymous online dating apps, the police have warned users to be aware of the risks involved, following the growth in the scale of violence and sexual assaults linked to their use. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

We’ve all had a terrible date before, but a woman in Australia had what she thought was one of the best dates of her life … until she got a text from him the next morning that changed everything. According to Tyla, the woman says they spent hours talking and while she turned down going back to his place afterwards for a “coffee,” he said he was 100% okay with it and asked when he could see her again.

The anonymous woman was on cloud nine until she read his text the following morning, which she shared to the Bad Dates of Melbourne Facebook page. It started off nice, with him writing that he thinks she’s “lovely” and that he could definitely see her in his future, but that he needed to address something. “While you have a beautiful face, you are physically way bigger than any girl I would let myself date,” he writes. “I would even go as far as saying obese.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he said the only reason she was getting “a second chance” is that her personality is good enough to make him see past her size and then he listed suggestions for her to lose weight. He said that he expects “immediate action” for her to “redeem” herself and that he won’t be seen in public with her again until she takes his advice of working out five to six times a week and sticking to a strict diet. He tried to end it on a positive note, writing, “This could be the start of the rest of our lives together.” As you might expect, she didn’t want a second date with him.

Source: Tyla

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