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Work comes with their own sets of rules and regulations that employees need to follow – everyone knows this. But sometimes you read a rule at work and question why it’s a thing because it just sounds so absurd.

What are some of these rules? The “Buzzfeed Community” has shared the most ridiculous rules they ever had to follow at work and some of these are so ridiculous, you probably won’t think they’re real.

  • “I worked at a law firm as a legal assistant. I only lasted two days. Why? Because they charged you $25 each time you didn’t answer your phone…and they only paid you $7.25 an hour.”
  • “I worked briefly at a pound shop (dollar store). The manager always called me ‘Rachel’ (not my name) and insisted that I had to wear my hair in a high ponytail because I was blonde and it ‘looked better.’ Sure enough, all of the other staff members with long hair could do whatever they wanted with their hair, but not me.”
  • “Back when I worked at a call center for a popular internet service provider, we had to raise our hand and get permission from a supervisor if we needed to use the restroom. They treated us like we were kids in grade school. I quit that job as soon as I could.”
  • “I worked for a place that specifically stated in the employee handbook that women could not wear scrunchies in their hair, only clips. And they also weren’t allowed to wear open-toe shoes without painting their toenails first.”
  • “The owner of where I worked hated musicals for some reason and forbade any conversation relating to musical theater. I once got yelled at for sharing a situationally-appropriate anecdote from my theater kid days.”

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Source: Buzzfeed

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