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View from a bridge of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, on a cloudy, rainy day.

The weather has been crazy for a while now, and it’s hard to know exactly where and when the next weather event is going to happen…unless you’re Maney or meteorologist Gary Lezak. According to MSN, the man says he’s worked out a methodology he claims can predict everything from snowstorms to hurricanes to tornados up to 10 months before they happen.

Can he do it? Other climate experts have their doubts and don’t believe the kind of predictions he claims to be able to make are possible. Lezak, of course, says he can do it, and Baron Weather, a company that provides storm-tracking tools and weather predictions, believes him too, as they’ve now entered a partnership with Lezak’s company.

His system has had some success, but also some failures with its predictions, so only time will tell if he’s really figured out what mood Mother Nature will be in next year.

Source: MSN

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