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Rear view of female student sitting in the class and raising hand up to ask question during lecture. High school student raises hand and asks lecturer a question.

Music is her teaching method and it’s sticking.  It’s no secret that teachers are extremely hard workers, patient, and very underappreciated.  They deserve more money and I have so much respect for someone that has to wake up every day and help mold the minds of the next generation.  So, why shouldn’t they make it fun?  All of my favorite teachers taught just a little bit different than the rest and those small handful of teachers have stuck with me to this day.  One teacher recently went viral because music is her teaching method.  Her name is Marlee Christianson.  Her TikToks started gaining traction because she’s using her favorite songs to teach her students.  The lessons below are about day and night, rock formations, and math.  She uses Kid Cudi’s, Day ‘N’ Night, Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s, Industry Baby, and Taylor Swift’s, Anti-Hero.  Watch below!


My millenial is showing… Learning about Day and Night I HAD to use Day ‘N’ Nite by Kid Cudi. Couldn’t miss that opportunity. #kidcudi #daynnite #teachertok #iteach4th #teacher #science

♬ original sound - Marlee Christianson

All Millennials should be molding young minds.