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In the south, we only have so much time to enjoy perfect weather.  By perfect I mean 70 to 80 degrees and sunny.  Spring seems to always hit at the beginning of March, and by early May the humidity hits and we’re really in for it through the end of October.  While the weather temps are amazing, enjoy it with your family and friends.  Below are some fun spring family activities.

  1. Picnic in the park: Pack a basket with your favorite snacks and head to your favorite park for a picnic. Bring a blanket and some games to play!  Check out these Charlotte parks.
  2. Hiking: Spring is a great time to go for a hike and explore the outdoors. We should probably all do it more often.  You’ll feel adventurous on any of these trails around the QC, just make sure they are suitable for your family’s skill level.
  3. Plant a garden and grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. My wife and I have been getting our hands dirty in ours for the last month.  We even added a stone path in our backyard!  Dig into one of these gardening centers around the Charlotte area.
  4. Bike ride: I love a fun bike trail and your family will too.  Check out the trails around Charlotte here!  If you don’t have a bike, no worries.  You can rent bikes here.
  5. Go fishing: That’s great if you have a family boat!  If not, bring some chairs, and snacks, and cast your line at any of these spots!
  6. Visit a farmer’s market: We’re up early on Saturdays anyway so we can do yard work.  I like going to a farmer’s market early.  Head to any of these markets and always remember to shop local!
  7. Play a round of golf: If you’re a big golf family then this is a no-brainer.  The earlier you get out there, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the rest of the day when you finish your round!  Golf at any one of these awesome courses in the Charlotte area!
  8. Get the kids off of their screens and have a scavenger hunt at the park or nature trail. We have plenty of those around here!
  9. Fly a kite: Again, put the screens away for a little bit and literally fly a kite.  I recommend a family beach trip for this adventure.

Before the really hot temperatures hit, explore the outdoors with your family with these fun spring family activities!