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My dog likes to golf.  Golf to her, however, is her way of keeping me from working on my short game.  Zoe and I started working on our games last summer.  I use buckets from a giant beer-pong game I have and set one up on opposite ends of the yard.  I chip towards each one with the goal to get balls in the bucket.  Zoe quickly picked up on this one day and started catching them in the air.  She only likes to catch the good shots though, of course.

This past weekend, however, she looked at a couple of shots that were lined up to go in.  We’re still working on training her to drop a ball she catches in the bucket.  I have yet to invite people over to compete in this fun backyard contest.  No matter how I come up with the scoring though, Zoe will always win.  After all, my dog likes to golf.  Check out her skills below!