I love a good pizza, who doesn’t? But it’s one thing it’s hard to get people to agree on. Whether you’re debating style, toppings, sauce, or restaurants people have strong opinions on the “best” pizza. Even I can pick a favorite as it truly depends on my mood and what I want. When you think of that upper tier of pizza in the US you probably think of cities like New York and Chicago. But what if I told you that a North Carolina restaurant was named a top pizzeria in the US? Yes, Mission Pizza Napoletana in Winston-Salem came in at number 24 on 50 Top Pizzas list.

And you can tell by looking at it that it has to be delicious. Mission Pizza’s menu features several pizza options with and without sauce. They also offer pasta and antipasto options as well. Additionally, you can experience special chef’s tastings, prix fixe menus, and more. I may have to make a trip up to Winston-Salem to experience this for myself! Get al the info on the best pizzerias in the world with Top 50 Pizza. What an honor for this North Carolina pizzeria to be featured.

 Top US Pizzerias

  1. Una Pizza Napoletona (New York)
  2. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (San Fransisco)
  3. Ribalta NYC (New York)
  4. Razza Pizza Artigianale (Jersey City)
  5. o’Munaciello (Miami)
  6. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria (Chicago)
  7. Song’ E Napule (New York)
  8. La Leggenda Pizzeria (Miami)
  9. Pizzana (Los Angeles)
  10. Keste Fulton (New York)

This is North Carolina's Pizza Preference in 2022

Can’t decide which pizza to order for pizza night? I usually order a frozen pizza, but there are times when I want something fresh and delivered. I go for a classic cheese with bacon though. Pretty much every time!

It doesn’t matter if you like your pizza thin, crispy, thick, crusty, or full of sauce, everyone has a favorite. TOP Agency recently released a report indicating that each state has a different preference for pizza. What is the number one preference in 2022 for North Carolina? Let us find out!

The 2022 Pizza Consumption Index, a study of the pizza preferences and eating habits of more than 12M U.S. adults, says Little Caesars is the most popular pizza chain. 16 states were included in the study. Godfathers and Domino’s came in second and third, respectively. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 spots for a slice (or two or three?) of pizza in each state. North Carolina’s pizza preference for 2022 actually surprised me. I think because I never actually had our number one pizza preference before. See what it is below. We also included some nearby states results.

  • Alabama

    Pizza Alabama

  • Connecticut

    Connecticut Pizza

  • Delaware

    Delaware Pizza

  • Florida

    Florida Pizza

  • Georgia

    Georgia Pizza

  • Louisiana

    Louisiana Pizza

  • Maryland

    Maryland Pizza

  • Mississippi

    Mississippi Pizza

  • North Carolina

    North Carolina Pizza

  • South Carolina

    South Carolina Pizza

  • Tennessee

    Tennessee Pizza

  • Texas

    Texas Pizza

  • Virginia

    Virginia Pizza

  • West Virginia

    West Virginia Pizza