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It’s common knowledge that there’s a wage gap between men and women. New data from the 2022 Global Gender Gap Report shows that it’ll take 132 years for this gap to close! The youngest generation in the workplace, Gen Z, is totally feeling this gap.

According to CNBC and a  new report from the career platform site for college students, “Handshake,” has looked at new salary transparency laws and Gen Z. They found that Gen Z women expect a salary that’s on average $6,200 lower than Gen Z men expect.

“I was surprised that women are still asking for less money and have lower salary expectations,” Valerie Capers Workman, chief legal officer at Handshake, explains. “I thought somehow, the lessons that the women who are succeeding and are successful have been trying to communicate [were being heard], but there are such societal issues that we are combating that we just haven’t conquered yet. So to see that this is still an issue today … It was disheartening. Quite frankly, it was sad.”

Source: CNBC

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