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If you’ve ever been out to a nice dinner and shaken your head as kids run around or yell, or had your own children get out of control at a restaurant, you know that little ones don’t always behave when they’re supposed to. And an upscale New Jersey restaurant is making a change to do something about it. At Nettie’s House of Spaghetti in Tinton Falls, kids under 10 won’t be allowed in the dining room beginning next month.

The Italian eatery recently shared the new rule on social media, acknowledging that while it might upset some customers, they need “to take control of the situation.” In a Facebook post, Nettie’s writes, “We love kids. We really, truly do. But lately, it’s been extremely challenging to accommodate children at Nettie’s.” They explain that “high noise levels, a lack of space for high chairs” and servers “cleaning up crazy messes” has led to the ban, which takes effect in March when they reopen after a winter break.

Nettie’s also notes that having kids run around the restaurant creates a legal liability, putting servers who are hard at work carrying trays loaded with food and drinks at risk. They add that the decision wasn’t made lightly, and the reaction on social media has been mixed:

  • “I think it’s a good policy,” writes one commenter. “And for the record, I have kids, grown now, and still agree with this.”
  • “Not all restaurants are fit for a ‘family atmosphere,’” shares another.
  • “That is really sad to hear … I was looking forward to trying out your place, but with a well-behaved 9-year-old I’m not welcome … sad,” writes a third.
  • “This is highly disappointing,” comments another. “I’ve taken my child to 2-3 Michelin-star restaurants that accommodated her since she was an infant, but I can no longer bring her to a pasta house in the suburbs? Lame.”


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