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TikTok has a hangover cure and it’s just in time for a big football weekend.  I feel like those of us who occasionally over-indulge with one too many beverages have our preferred hangover remedy.  I’ve tried many different “cures” during my years of drinking adult beverages.  When it comes to a hangover cure, the remedy really begins the night before.   I usually get Taco Bell or Cookout.  Eating food before you fall asleep helps soak up the alcohol.  You might even want to eat a couple of TUMS, take Tylenol or Ibuprofen, and drink water or a soda water.  The next morning is when the real work begins.  I like to start by chugging a big cup of water and splashing water on my face.  After that, it depends on what food is in the house.  I’d prefer to eat some kind of egg breakfast bagel or a Cajun Filet Biscuit.  Add a Bloody Mary or breakfast beer and I’m basically good to go.  TikTok has a hangover cure and there’s actually science behind it.

According to TikTok, if you’re hungover just dunk your face in a bowl of ice water.  The Doctor in the video says that there is actually a little bit of science behind this.  He says that it activates the divers reflex which can instantly make you more alert or wake you up.  It also tells your body to send more oxygen to your vital organs.  If you want to give it a shot, fill a bowl with ice water, dunk your face in it for 10 seconds, and repeat it a couple of more times.  Maybe I’ll give this a try!  I also feel like I’m planning a hangover.  That can’t be good, haha!


#duet with @ashyizzle #hangovercure How to use the ice bowl method to activate the diver’s reflex for hangovers. Put your face in a bowl of ice water, let the water hit your nostrils, and hold your face in the water for 5-10 seconds up to 3x. This will activate the diver’s reflex and help with nausea. Its also great for anxiety, migraines, and your skin care routine. #icebowl #icebowlchallenge #hangover #hungover #hangovercures #hangoverremedies #hangoverremedy #bettermorning #nohangover #moscowmule #tequilasunrise

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