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It’s dip season!  I love a good chili cheese deep, seven-layer dip, or guacamole and queso dip this time of year.  Maybe it’s the weather or the Big Game coming up in a couple of weeks.  I just love dips this time of year and there’s one I really want to try that’s more of a sipping dip, sort of.  Imagine sipping on chili cheese beer.  It sounds gross but if you love Hormel Chili then you might actually like this one-of-a-kid beer that was inspired by the popular tortilla chip dip.  It’s an American Lager that is said to be very real and very easy to sip.

How did sipping on chili cheese beer become a thing?  Hormel partnered with a brewery out of Minnesota called, Modist Brewing.  The brewery describes the brew as a “chili cheese dip-inspired, corn chip flavored, crushable American Lager.”  “A mix of savory spices and hints of cheddar cheese power” was also added.  They say it “pairs well with recliners, gaming, and late-night snack attacks.  A four-pack costs $12.00, but if you want it in time for the Big Game on February 12th you’ll have to pay double the shipping cost.  There’s no word on how large of a batch they brewed and it’s only available while supplies last.  You can check its availability here!  Cheers!

SOURCE: Modest Brewing | PR Newswire

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