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For everyone who successfully did “Dry January,” congratulations, you made it!!! For those of you who’ve given up alcohol for good, a huge congratulations to you as well. Giving up alcohol, even if just for 30 days, can have a big effect on your life, and members of the “Buzzfeed Community” are sharing how it changed theirs.

  • “I stopped drinking the day I went off birth control. I figure my body needs to be at its healthiest to have a baby! It’s had a huge effect on my mental health. I used to get super depressed the day after a night of drinking. The worst part is all the people asking me why I’m not drinking. No, I’m not pregnant yet! My choice to not drink shouldn’t require me to tell you personal details about my life!”
  • “I quit drinking about eight months ago because I started to become terrified of being out in public without being 100% aware of my surroundings. With so many shootings, kidnappings, trafficking, etc. I would just prefer to be able to make sure I am safe at all times. But in the long run, I am SO much happier not drinking. My health and mental health have really improved.”
  • “My mother was/is an alcoholic. I know full well that my chances of becoming an alcoholic are high so I decided to not drink. I also don’t like the feeling of not being in control of things.”
  • “As someone who always wanted to be part of the ‘in’ crowd, I thought I had to drink to fit in. But through remote working and becoming more centered on who I was, I realized I didn’t enjoy it. It’d be nice if more places had non-alcoholic options on the menu but it’s allowed me to advocate for myself and ask for recommendations. I don’t miss it nor the cost associated with it.”

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