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Are you hungry? I know I am. Like starving, seriously. And I am not afraid to admit that fast food is one of my favorites to enjoy. Quick, fast, and tasty is always what I am down to enjoy. Fast food is consumed by people every single day across the entire world. From McDonald’s to KFC and more, people all around the world enjoy a great fast food bite. Betsperts is naming the most popular fast food places in the United States and around the world.

Do you know America’s favorite fast food places? According to the report, the top 3 fast-food spots for Americans are Starbucks, McDonald’s, and of course, Chick-fil-A. As someone who consumes all three of these on a regular, I can totally agree. Can you guess which ones are superior for North and South Carolina? North Carolina’s favorite fast food is Chick-fil-A. South Carolina’s favorite fast food spot is Starbucks. If you could count how many times a year you enjoy a treat from either of these places, what would be your number? I know for sure mine is pretty high up there. Additionally, McDonald’s and Starbucks also came in as two of the most popular fast food places around the world. McDonald’s is literally everywhere. I am pretty sure that it is one of the most recognizable logos around the world.

Obviously, if you’re a foodie like me then I am sure this is making you a tad bit hungry. What’s for lunch? I think I might head to North Carolina’s favorite today and stick to tradition. Chick-fil-A, here I come!