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(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

From the “only in Florida files.” A woman was rescued from a strom drain for the third time in two years. Lyndsey Jane Kennedy has been rescued from a storm drain in Delray Beach, Florida…again. It’s the third time in two years that rescuers have been sent to retrieve the woman from a storm drain in the area. But this time she didn’t seem to need help. She ignored police when they arrived and ran into the drain reportys the Daily Mail.

Authorities were able to trap her from both sides of the drainpipe. They then pulled her out with a harness and ladder. Kennedy allegedly once told her mother that she was taking a “journey” inspired by the Biblical prophet Elijah. It was later confirmed that she’s a methadone patient. She had used her last dose the day before she first went missing last March. Hope she gets better!