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What do parents think kids should learn early in life? Parents count on schools to teach their kids to read, write and do math. But it seems some parents want their kids to be learning more than traditional academics. According to a new survey, eight in 10 parents think educators should also spend time teaching kids things outside of academics. Things like soft skills and current events.

The Poll according to SWNS Digital of 2-thousand parents of children under age six finds:

  • 62% prioritize their kids learning soft skills before they turn eight, compared to 37% who put math first.
  • The top non-academic skill parents want schools to focus on in early childhood is financial literacy. (61%), Followed by sewing or knitting (46%) and Internet safety (45%).
  • The most important character traits parents think kids should learn early in life are honesty and respect.
  • Social issues should be part of the early childhood curriculum, according to nine in 10 parents, while 66% say kids should be taught about different forms of discrimination in society, and 61% think healthcare topics like affordability and access to treatments should be included.
  • The top three teachable moments parents in the poll think are most important to include in a child’s early education are listening to professionals (like scientists and software engineers) talk about their field (51%), discussing the news (48%) and reading a book together (44%).
  • Nearly nine in 10 (87%) of respondents feel their children’s school curriculum is sufficient, and 95% devote at least two hours a week to talk to their kids about what they learned in school.