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File Photo: The Crew Of Apollo 17 Took This Photograph Of Earth In December 1972 While The Spacecraft Was Traveling Between The Earth And The Moon. The Orange-Red Deserts Of Africa And Saudi Arabia Stand In Stark Contrast To The Deep Blue Of The Oceans And The White Of Both Clouds And Snow-Covered Antarctica. (Photo By Nasa/Getty Images)

Scientists say that the length of the days on Earth are getting longer, and it’s because the core of the planet is slowing down and may have actually reversed the direction of its spin. The scientists analyzed seismic waves from tens of thousands of earthquakes that traveled through the planet’s core to arrive at their conclusion.

They say the data showed that the core reverses its spin once every 70 years, with the last reversal in the 1970s. The speed that the planet rotates is determined in part by the spin of the core, and measurements back up the claim; on average, days are getting longer, and we’ve had to add 27 leap seconds to our clocks since the ‘70s to keep atomic time accurate.