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A new report from the “ Oliver Wyman Forum” shows that Gen Z aren’t scared to switch jobs, even when they feel “loyal” to their current company!

When it comes to Gen Z, the report found:

  • 70% said they feel loyal to their employer…but are “still actively or passively seeking new jobs.”
  • 45% said they have a side hustle
  • 85% said they prefer hybrid or remote working styles
  • They want to retire at 54, but they expect to retire at 60

Gen Z sees work more as a means to make money than anything else, and want to prioritize their life outside of work. “[Gen Z’s] resistance to the status quo has been a decade or more in the making and was accelerated by the pandemic,” the report noted. “They witnessed their siblings struggle with student debt and their parents work slavishly before getting laid off, and they have less desire to be another cog in the machine.”

Source: Oliver Wyman Forum

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