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So let me get this straight. The woman nurses cheating hubby after near-fatal wreck and he cheats again? That saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” has proven to be true for one North Carolina woman. Kate Sifuentes is now sharing all the dirty details according to the NY Post. The way she found out her husband was cheating on her is really crazy. Really though, that’s just the beginning of this story. It all started last January when her unnamed hubby barely survived a terrible car crash.

Kate rushed to his bedside, feeling guilty that he may have been responding to her text message when he crashed. So she checked his phone – which she says she’s never done before – and that’s when she found a slew of texts, dating app profiles and social media direct messages proving he had been unfaithful with many other women. But she stayed by his side during the 30 days he was unconscious and when he was awake, Kate confronted him about the affairs and he admitted it.

He apologized and said all the right things to make her stay, so she did. Kate was nursing him back to health after the traumatic brain injury and many strokes he suffered, including helping him relearn how to walk, talk and use his phone. The couple tried marriage counseling, but then she discovered that he repaid this kindness by cheating on her again! He hadn’t learned from his mistakes and she found the evidence on his phone. At this point, she says she was done with him and they’re getting divorced soon.