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When you think of bachelorette parties, you may think of weeklong shenanigans, nice expensive dinners, and even a trip to the strip club. Think again — new data from a OnePoll survey for “CheapCarribean” shows that people want more fun and budget-friendly weekends in a big city or an all-inclusive resort. With that, here are some 2023 bachelorette party trends.

Budgets will be top of mind. People don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a bachelorette party, especially with inflation at an all-time high. Low-cost trips and/or activities can keep costs down.

Relaxation will be a key theme. Half of the survey’s respondents want a 50/50 split of doing things and relaxing.

Location is everything. Almost 30% of people attending bachelorette parties would prefer an all-inclusive hotel to take the planning and worry about things.

Penis straws are out, personality is in. Bachelorette parties aren’t focused as much on sex as they once were. They’re meant to be more fun and memorable instead of raunchy.

Slumber party vibes. Thirty-eight percent see bachelorette parties as a one big, fun sleepover, including singalongs, dress-up, and all the fun you used to have as a kid.

Source: Elite Daily

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