North Carolina is known for its BBQ. There is no shortage of fantastic restaurants across the state. But if anyone is a qualified judge for the best BBQ it has to be the Food Network right? Well, they have released their pick for North Carolina’s best BBQ. The results were posted on their website in an article titled the 50 States of Barbeque . And they chose Skyling Inn in Ayden North Carolina. Here is how they described BBQ in the state and their choice:

“Eastern North Carolina’s barbecue roots run deep. From Raleigh to the coast, locals have a long-standing tradition of smoking whole hogs over open pits, chopping up the white and dark meat, and mixing it all together with a white-vinegar-based sauce seasoned with just salt, pepper and some red pepper flakes. Skylight Inn is the granddaddy of the region’s barbecue restaurants. For more than two centuries, the family-run place has been serving fantastic whole-hog plates, which combine the crisp skin with the tender, juicy meat. Another delicious dish is the chopped pork sandwich served with cornbread and coleslaw.”

Now I’ve never been the Skylight Inn, but I’m sure it’s fantastic. After all the Food Network is no stranger to good eats. So when they say something is good, it’s good. I do however wonder how anyone can truly say something is the “Best” as there is no way they can try all the restaurants in the state. So take this with a grain of salt, but if you’re near Ayden it’s worth giving it a try! What do you think is North Carolina’s best bbq?

The Great BBQ Debate: North Carolina Has 4 Cities In Top 100

Here in North Carolina, we are serious about our BBQ. Not only that we pride ourselves on it. Whether it’s eastern or western NC, we do it well. And yes there are other areas of the country that think they are better, but we know the truth. While there are countless places to get mouth-watering bbq across the state one city that comes to mind first, at least for me, is Lexington. And shockingly they did not make this list. But before you go grab your pitchforks there is a good reason for that. This list is based on the 200 largest US cities, which is a category Lexington doesn’t fall into. There are other nearby locales that are eligible for these rankings though! The list was created by LawnLove and ranks cities based on their BBQ, though North Carolina didn’t rank as high as my biased opinion says it should have.

According to LawnLove rankings were based on award-winning barbecue restaurants, experience hosting a “master-level” competition, multiple barbecue festivals, and high ratings, among others. The highest ranking NC city was actually Raleigh, NC. And as a former resident who still considers the city my second home I can probably see it. The Pit is a Raleigh staple BBQ restaurant. But if we are talking quantity I think Charlotte outshines them. And then there’s the triad. Where did the NC cities rank? Keep reading to see the top 20 BBQ Cities (according to LawnLove) and where each of the North Carolina cities ranked.

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  • Top 20 BBQ Cities In America

  • 20. Honolulu, HI


  • 19. Des Moines, IO


  • 18. Montgomery, AL


  • 17. Savannah, GA


  • 16. Tampa. FL


  • 15. Raleigh, NC

    Best Companies Raleigh

  • 14. Minneapolis, MN


  • 13. Cincinnati, OH

    Cincinnati, OH

  • 12. Richmond, VA


  • 11. Little Rock, AR


  • 10. Houston, TX

    Houston, TX

  • 9. Chattanooga, TN


  • 8. Austin, TX


  • 7. Kansas City, KS

    Liberty Memorial and Union Station aerial views, downtown Kansas City

  • 6. Overland Park, KS

    Overland Park KS

  • 5. Orlando, FL


  • 4. Springfield, MO

    Springfield MO

  • 3. Chicago, IL


  • 2. Kansas City, MO

    Kansas City MO

  • 1. St. Louis, MO


  • North Carolina BBQ Cities

    Raleigh previously mentioned at #15

  • 39. Charlotte


  • 44. Fayetteville, NC


  • 92. Durham, NC

    Durham NC

  • 115. Cary, NC

    Cary NC

  • 130. Winston Salem, NC

    Winston Salem

  • 176. Greensboro, NC

    Greensboro skyline