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Jul 21, 2021; Chofu, Japan; A general view of soccer balls before Group G play between USA and Sweden during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games at Tokyo Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mandi Wright-USA TODAY Network

A time traveler says he knows who wins the World Cup! It’s yet, another ‘time traveler’ who has turned up on TikTok. But this one’s getting attention. The @worldcuptimetraveller account has posted a video claiming to show the results of the World Cup final in three weeks, with footage of a television showing the crowd celebrating a 2-1 win by Brazil over France.

As usual, there are plenty of skeptics, even though the account posted a video last year correctly predicting the winner of the delayed Euro 2020 final. This claim will be easy to verify, though…in three weeks.

Shouldn’t a time traveler be doing better things with his time machine? Like getting us the winning Powerball numbers hahaha!